Tests, Tests and More Tests

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Since his admission at the Children’s Hospital yesterday, Bryce has been seen by many doctors, had multiple physical examinations, had another EEG, and been the ringer with blood draws. Poor little man is worn out. All of the blood tests that have come back so far are normal, but there are several that can take anywhere from a week to a month to get results. They should be hearing about the EEG results tonight. A few of Bryce’s doctors — including a pediatric neurologist and a geneticist — got together today to figure out a game plan. Tomorrow they’ll be doing a lumbar puncture to draw spinal fluid to see if that can tell them anything (he will be sedated for this, thank goodness). If the initial results from that don’t show anything, the sample will then be sent on for a more detailed genetic review. Many things have been tossed out there as possibilities, from epilepsy to allergies to infant botulism to spinal meningitis to metabolic disorders to autoimmune disorders. As the test results come in, the doctors should be able to begin eliminating possibilities and then be able to focus in on what’s at the root of Bryce’s health issues. I wish we knew more, but as of right now, he’s still a bit of a “mystery” as they’ve said. Please continue to keep Bryce, Jenna and Kyle in your thoughts and prayers. -Auntie Jamie


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