Commotion in the Ocean!

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Baby Bryce is getting lots of extra cuddling today. A few minutes ago we had him looking out the window at the giant snowflakes in the air.  This is actually the second snowfall he has now seen.   Right now he is on his Daddy’s lap playing “peek-a-boo”. Grandma Sue and Papa Tom Kuenster are in Dodgeville, as well as Grandma Wendy and Grandpa Bart Heckendorf.  Bryce absolutely loves the book “Commotion in the Ocean”. He just coos with glee when the two page spread of the shark is in front of him. I think he has had it read to him about 20 times over the last two days.  I find this title quite appropriate because it is what our real life has turned into after yesterday’s diagnosis.  We are trying to stay positive as he definitely feels our “vibes”.  Tomorrow he will have an appointment at St. Mary’s clinic, just to gain more information on his status.  Again, thank you to all our wonderful family, friends, co-workers, and an amazing community for the rally of support and prayers for our Baby Bryce!  We are forever indebted for all your caring!

Love, Grandma Sue


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