The Sky Is Blue!

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We know how concerned everyone is for Bryce, so felt an update was deserved. It is so difficult to be waiting for news and not have it delivered.  Bryce went back for a visit today with his initial pediatric neurologist, who explained more about his disease and the journey ahead.  A few changes were made in his treatment plan and we now will take “one day at a time” with this very special little guy.

This weekend, Bryce, his Mommy and his Daddy are coming to the farm in Glen Haven.  Bryce is going to ride in a tractor with Papa Tom, spend time with his cousins Maddy and Elizabeth, and get hugs from lots of other family members on the Kuenster/Mezera side of his family.  He is also going to visit his great Uncle Pat’s hunting cabin in the Eastman area where his Grandpa Bart Heckendorf and Uncle Kole Heckendorf will be deer hunting.  I hope he has some “blaze orange” gear to wear.  And speaking of gear…today, he received a package in the mail from his Uncle Kole and “soon to be Auntie”, Kristen.  The perfect gift was inside…”Superman” PJs!!!  He is a super hero in our eyes, and I think the oufit will definitely help him conquer obstacles ahead.

You are probably wondering why I titled this journal entry “The Sky is Blue”?  In 1998, I faced a health challenge of my own, when I experienced sudden hearing loss, and suffered from its effects.  When I was at a very low point, a very wise Doctor gave me this advice…he told me that when everything seems insurmountable, you can fool your brain and start feeling better by just saying positive statements out loud to yourself…his example:  “The Sky Is Blue”.  I have since passed this advice on to others who have experienced obstacles in their lives.  Needless to say, I gave this advice to Jenna and Kyle and the statement has been uttered many, many times in the past few days.  I just modified it a bit when I’ve been saying it: “The Sky Is Blue…like Bryce’s Eyes”.  Loving my grandson to the moon and back…Grandma Sue.


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