A Gift for Bryce?!

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I forgot a very interesting occurrence that happened to us in the Green Bay area yesterday.  We had arrived about an hour early for Bryce’s Dr. appointment, so checked in and picked up the paperwork to complete.  Bryce needed changing and we were all a little hungry, so we drove around the neighborhood and pulled into the first place we found, a McDonald’s in Howard, WI.  We were in a quiet section in the back and took up a corner booth and a couple of tables with our party.  A nice older man was sitting to my right and looked up and made the comment…”I bet all you ladies will be fighting on who gets to hold that little guy!”  We laughed and said we sure would.  Everyone got their food and we were all just sitting there eating and visiting.  We hadn’t brought up anything about Bryce’s situation or going to the Doctor.  The gentleman had finished his meal and he came over to our table. He looked at little Bryce and touched his little head where there was actually some glue from his EEG still sticking to his hair.  He mumbled something quickly that sounded like…”I think this little guy needs a present” and placed a $20 bill in front of Bryce on the table.  Before we could really say anything, he just turned and was out the door.  We all just looked at each other as in…what just happened here?  Wendy and Sue both started to cry over the beauty of the gesture.  I just sat wondering whether he had read our body language or just sensed that something might not be quite right.  Anyway we look at it…it was most definitely a random act of kindness!  God Bless you Sir, whoever you are…your kindness brightened our day and made us remember that there are many caring people in the world!


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