Once you choose hope, anything’s possible. ~Christopher Reeve

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Wow … I don’t know where to begin. Yesterday — Friday, November 22, 2013 — turned out to be “the most uplifting day of my life.”  I think it is safe to say that it was a day that hightened the “Hope” we feel for Bryce’s future to a new level.  I accompanied Jenna, Kyle, Bryce and and cousin, Dr. Steffanie Nemitz, to Green Bay, WI.  There, we were joined by Grandma Wendy and her friend Sue as we consulted with a Naturopathic/Functional Medicine Doctor who has been a mentor to Steffanie for several years. This amazing man doesn’t dispute Bryce’s diagnosis of having Krabbe Disease: He’s seen all the reports and Bryce’s MRI. In this approach to medicine, they strive to find and treat the root cause of the disease. In Bryce’s case, he will be looking for anything that might indicate why Bryce’s gene was turned “on” at this time, and institute a plan to try and turn the gene off.  We refuse to give up hope and are willing to try this plan of action.

What is functional medicine?  Auntie Jamie is a very brilliant editor and the Digital Initiatives Director (manager of websites and information) for the magazine Experience Life out of St. Paul, Minnesota, and the magazine JUST published an article about functional medicine in the December 2013 issue.  They say “timing is everything” — is this just a coincidence that this article is out now, just when we are exploring alternatives to heal Bryce?  Check out these articles to learn more about functional medicine and why we are pursuing this option:  http://experiencelife.com/article/functional-medicine-a-science-whose-time-has-come/ and ELmag.com/fmextras.

It is often said, “It is not who you are … but who you know!”  Again, Steffanie Nemitz, we are grateful that you have been in our lives over the last 30 years!  You have always been a friend and teammate to my daughters, became family through a beautiful marriage, and now you have become our “guiding light” to a man who has lifted our hope for Bryce.  God gave you many special gifts … you are an amazing young woman and doctor!

This morning Bryce went to the hospital to have one more blood draw at the lab, and they are now on their way to the farm in Glen Haven for a special weekend with family.  Madelyn (Bryce’s 3-year-old cousin) just asked me in her sweet little voice: “When are Aunt Jenna, Uncle Kyle and Bryce going to be here?”  Any minute, dear girl … let the memories begin!

For now, Grandma Sue


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