Surgery Update

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Thanks for all the prayers for Bryce today everyone! His surgery went well this morning and he’s currently resting with Mommy and Daddy at St. Mary’s Hospital in Madison for the night. The G tube insertion point in his tummy is quite small — it’s no bigger than the inflator on a swim floaty and sits flush with his skin. He’s in a little bit of pain from the procedure so he’s had a couple of small doses of morphine along with Tylenol throughout the day. Tonight, he only had Tylenol and they’re hoping he’ll be able to get some sleep on that alone.

Due to the procedure, Bryce hasn’t eaten since 5:30 this morning, and won’t be able to eat until tomorrow morning after they check that the G tube is functioning correctly. They do that by inserting dye. In the meantime, he’s staying hydrated with IVs. Jenna said he was pretty fussy tonight — I would be too if I hadn’t eaten in that long. Poor little man. They’ll feed him as soon as his doctors are sure the G tube is working, and then be discharged to head home. It will be a relief for Jenna and Kyle to know that they can get Bryce all the nutrition he needs — and more — through the tube if needed.

They had some special visitors keeping them company at the hospital today, including Grandpa Bart and Grandma Wendy, Uncle Kole, and Uncle Keith and Aunt Mia, who flew in to Minneapolis this morning from North Carolina. They braved the snowy Minnesota roads to make the trip to Madison to see our favorite little guy and will be spending the next few days with Jenna, Kyle and Bryce in Dodgeville. Family time truly is the best time right now.

Thanks again to all of you for the continued thoughts and prayers! -Auntie Jamie


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