Surgery/Weekend Update

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Bryce at Grandpa and Grandma HeckendorfsThanks again for all of your continuous thoughts and prayers for Bryce! As you know from Auntie Jamie’s post last week, Bryce’s surgery went great and he is recovering well. He is such a strong little man. The surgery took less than 10 minutes, and the little “G-button” they put in is even smaller than we expected it to be. It has been a relief knowing we can get him the nutrition he needs as well as the supplements that Dr. Flynn wants him taking. He has been eating fairly well by bottle the last few days, but we are already becoming experts at using the feeding tube since that is how we have to finish most feedings. We are so fortunate that we are both able to be home with Bryce as we get used to this whole new process.

Today we received Dr. Flynn’s plan for Bryce. We are so thankful to be working with him, as well as Dr. Steffanie Nemitz, as they continue to give us hope and strength. The plan is that Bryce will be taking six different supplements each day for at least one full week before they adjust doses or add in additional supplements. We are still waiting on two supplements but should have them by tomorrow. We’ve started him on everything we have so far and will be taking a trip to Platteville tomorrow to see Steffanie for an adjustment and to get the last supplement. Bryce can’t wait to see her! We are just so thankful to be in the hands of two incredibly intelligent and caring people. We will continue to keep you posted on how everything is going for our little peanut.

We were actually hoping to do this update last week but chose to soak up every minute we had with family instead. Keith and Mia (Kyle’s brother and sister-in-law) flew in last week from North Carolina and spent Thursday and Friday with us at home. It was so good spending time with them since we hadn’t seen them since July. They were able to get in some quality snuggle time with Bryce before we headed north to Mosinee to be with the rest of the Heckendorf family. On Saturday we enjoyed the company of lots of family and friends as we celebrated Kristen’s (future sister-in-law) bridal shower. Bryce hung out with the guys for awhile but then joined our party. He gave the ladies a lot more smiles than he did the guys, which of course made our day! We ended our weekend by attending church together on Sunday morning. After the service, Pastor Jon did a baby dedication for Bryce and our family. The message from Sunday’s service was to praise God and be thankful in good times and in bad. We are so blessed to have all of your support and are so thankful for all the prayers being said for Bryce and our family.

Love, Jenna & Kyle


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