Bryce: the Flying Champ!

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Sound asleep in Mommy's arms during the flight.Despite having their flight delayed out of Chicago by three hours last night, Bryce handled the delays and setbacks like a champ — much like he has everything with he’s faced so far. Jenna said he was very good in the airport while they waited and then relocated concourses. By the time they boarded the plane around 9:30, he was exhausted and fell fast asleep before they took off at 10:10. He slept the entire flight — way to go, buddy! I know it was a huge relief for Jenna and Kyle that that portion of the trip went well.It was a very late night by the time they made it to their hotel (about 2am), and they only got about three hours of sleep before they had to be up and ready to catch the hospital shuttle for their first appointment at 8. Speaking of which …

Bryce, Mommy and Grandma Sue — they finally boarded!Bryce had two assessments today: One for vision, the other for hearing. They got the results right away, and his optic and auditory nerves still appear normal. They don’t know yet, though, if what he’s seeing is being correctly interpreted by his brain — because of the neurological effects of the disease, he may actually be seeing bright lights or shapes instead of what’s actually in front of him (I’m not sure what the hearing discrepancy might be). A test on Friday morning will help determine those things.

I talked to Jenna for a bit earlier and they’re all exhausted; they’ll heading to bed early tonight. They have a long day tomorrow: Between meeting with Dr. Escolar in the morning and then the nerve test in the afternoon, they’re not going to get much down time.

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers for our sweet Bryce, his Mommy and Daddy, and our families.


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