Homeward Bound

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I just received a text from my mom saying they’ve landed in Chicago and are headed home to Dodgeville. After three exhausting days in Pittsburgh, Kyle, Jenna, Bryce and my mom are all ready for familiar surroundings, and some peace and quiet.

Their final day in Pittsburgh went well. Bryce had the Visual Evoked Potentials test right away this morning (to determine how his brain is interpreting what he’s hearing and seeing), followed by the spinal tap/MRI. He did really well through all of them, though we won’t know the results until next week sometime. Jenna’s message along with one of the pictures she sent was, “So proud of him!”

He truly is the toughest little guy I know — he’s teaching all of us how to #B.Strong.

Thanks again to all of you for keeping all of them in your thoughts and prayers these last few days. We’ll never be able to adequately express our gratitude.

Stay tuned for more updates as we learn more about the test results over the next week or so. -Auntie Jamie


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