The Sky Is Blue … Thank You!

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For those of you who are not on Facebook, a note from Kyle and Jenna:

SkyIsBlue_BryceWe thought we would get to teach our son about the world. It turns out we get to teach the world about our son. Without ever saying a word, we know he will continue to touch the lives of many in so many different ways.

This is not how our story was supposed unfold. This is not what we had planned. Up until November 19th, we were planning our future with Bryce and talking nonstop about all the fun things we were going to do with him and all the things we couldn’t wait to teach him. We had big dreams, like all parents do, until suddenly we were blindsided with the saddest news that would forever change our family and the people we were. We thought, until that day, that this kind of stuff doesn’t happen to people who are healthy and happy and well, just not to people like us. We had everything we needed and wanted until that day…

And since that day, we have witnessed some of the most amazing things and have learned so much. THE SKY IS BLUE. People are amazing. We have been blown away by everyone’s generosity and support and it’s hard to put into words how thankful we are for everything everyone has done. I write this post to say THANK YOU! We left Saturday night speechless. We couldn’t wrap our heads around what had just happened. It was amazing and I still don’t know what to say other thank you, thank you, and thank you again.

We’d especially like to thank my aunts Nikki, Peg, and Cindy and my cousin Trisha for spending hours and hours organizing the event. You ladies are AMAZING! We love you all so much! To everyone who made donations, who volunteered their time, and who attended the benefit…thank you! We are so touched by the generosity and support that family, friends, coworkers, community members, and complete strangers have given us. Your love and support reminds us during this extremely difficult time that the Sky is Blue even when it doesn’t appear that way to us.

As always, we ask that you please continue to pray for Bryce and our family and for strength to get us through each day. Thank you for helping us B.Strong and for helping us teach the world about our son. We will remain with HOPE for a cure. We will continue to PRAY for a miracle. We will always be THANKFUL for each moment.

All our love, Jenna and Kyle


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