B.Strong 40-Day Fitness Challenge

By Great Aunt Krista Hiley


Do you have a New Year’s Resolution to be more fit in 2014? Then I invite you to join me in a fitness challenge to benefit Bryce. Our goal is to be strong like Bryce and his amazing parents, Jenna and Kyle. I have pledged to walk 100 miles in Bryce’s honor by March 1st. I am pledging $2.00 for every mile I walk. I want to inspire others to B.Strong in honor of Bryce and his fight. Would you please join me and set a goal for yourself over the next 40 days to walk/run/bike — whatever you want to do — in Bryce’s honor? Could you walk 10 miles, 20 miles? Would you consider pledging a certain amount for each mile that you complete? Please visit the event page on Facebook or leave a comment to share your challenge and pledge; you can update your progress here too.

Can we get enough people to walk 1,000 miles or more in Bryce’s honor by March 1st? If you can’t get out and exercise, would you consider sponsoring me as I walk 100 miles for Bryce? If you live in Peachtree City, you could give your donation to me and I will deliver it on March 1st, when I attend Bryce’s The Sky is Blue Benefit in Lancaster, Wisconsin. You can also donate directly here on Bryce’s website: http://thebstrongfund.org/. If you make a donation, please let Kyle and Jenna know that you joined The B.Strong Fitness Challenge and what you did to be strong for Bryce.

We all love Kyle, Jenna, and Bryce so much, and want to help in anyway possible. So let’s get the word out, and get people all across the country to B. Strong for our sweet Bryce. Thank you so much for your help, support, and prayers.


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