End-of-March Update: Tractor Ride, Consults, and More

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In like a lion, out like a lamb … it’s hard to believe we’re through March already. I hope the first day of April is being kind to all of you so far, especially after this long, hard winter.

Bryce had his consult at the UW-Children’s hospital yesterday about the Nissen Fundoplication procedure (it was a week later than I originally posted — my apologies for any confusion or if you’ve been checking back for an update).

Jenna told me yesterday that they’re going to move forward with surgery and that it will likely happen late next week. They will also change out Bryce’s g-tube at the same time: The one he currently has hasn’t been used by surgeons at the UW hospital in about eight years. The hospital stay will not be as long as they expected; in fact, if all goes well, it may only be one night.

Bryce has been a bit more awake since the last time I posted. Jenna talked to Tara, the assistant with Dr. Escolar’s program, and it sounds like his sleepiness may have been his way of fighting off an infection. This makes sense as both Jenna and Kyle were fighting nasty colds right around this time; Bryce never ended up getting a cold.

He also went a whole week without getting sick after his meals, which was really good: He needs to keep down all the calories he can get as he’s lost a pound since his last appointment. Once he has the Nissen, that will prevent reflux and he should put on a little weight. He’s a peanut.

Here’s what Bryce-ster has been up to lately:

  • Spent the weekend of March 22-23rd at the farm, and got to see lots of extended family.
  • Spent some quality time with Grandpa Bart and Grandma Wendy last Wednesday–Friday when they came to stay with them at home in Dodgeville.
  • Made another trip to the farm and got to see cousins Maddy and Lizzy. They all went on their first tractor rides: As you can see, Papa Tom was very proud!


Kyle, Jenna, and Bryce have a few different appointments this week. Please keep them in your thoughts as prayers as they continue to make these difficult decisions about Bryce’s care. And please know how grateful they, and all of us, are for all of your continued support.


One thought on “End-of-March Update: Tractor Ride, Consults, and More

    Cindy Rooney said:
    April 2, 2014 at 2:23 am

    I think of and pray for your family often. I can ONLY imagine how sorrowful this is for you. May GOD give you strength. You are AMAZING parents. Praying for a miracle for you.

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